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Time to take a holiday with your client?

I have spent the last week chilling in the rain on a holiday with my wife and two girls. It was great to get away from everything and not have to rush everything and be controlled by a clock or the phone. We could spend hours having fun and doing some great things. You forget that during the week you are rushing and are focused on getting to work, get the kids washed, fed and into bed. At the weekends you have more time but you are still running frantically to get everything done. On the holiday you have time. You quickly see the changes in the kids and are you reminded of the things that you can miss during the week when running around.

This got me thinking about how you work with and manage clients. Maybe it is time for a holiday or sorts with clients. 

You dont need to book a house in the South West of Ireland in the rain but some time outside of an office or board room can allow you and your client focus on the bigger picture, to get to know each other better. With clients it can all be about deadlines and completing projects and you don't take the time to look at the bigger picture or to step back and look at the work being done. Regular meetings are good but can still be very task and project focused. A break with a client could help you to get to know them, their business and their issues better. It could be a better environment to overcome an obstacle or problem and you could all arrive back after it refreshed and ready to go again. It may be worth imposing a no-speedo's policy tho!

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