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Will 2010 be the year of consolidation for Social Networks?

Just passing a bit of time reading reviews of 2009 and predictions for
2010 and I wonder if, after the massive growth for social networks in
2009, will we see consolidation of social networks in 2010?

Throughout 2009 there seemed to be a continuous stream of new social
networks and expansion of existing social networks tools and
capabilities. It is difficult to imagine that all the networks will
all be able to survive over the coming months and years. Even with
aggregators and auto-posting facilities enabling people to manage
multiple networks, will people want to maintain a presence on so many

This is not necessarily a prediction but a thought – will people start to:

1. Select a social network of choice – one which they use for all
personal and professional purposes and post all content (text, audio,


2. Select one network per requirement – Facebook for Personal use,
LinkedIn or Twitter for Professional Use, Posterous for Blogging?

Will be interesting to see how it plays out over the next 12 months.

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