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SAI Chart of the Day: Apple’s iPhone Platform Still Light-Years Ahead

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Sponsored by: MetLife Friday, March 19, 2010

Apple’s iPhone Platform Still Light-Years Ahead

Apple’s iPhone App Store is still crushing its peers, especially in the number of applications available to consumers.

Mobile apps have been around for years, but Apple was the first to make them popular with normal people. Now everyone else in the mobile industry is struggling to catch up, and it’s been a big advantage for Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch. (And, coming soon, the iPad.)

Apple currently has about 170,000 apps available, according to AppShopper.com. Its next closest competitor, Google Android, has about 30,000 apps available, a company exec recently said. Research In Motion has more than 5,000 apps available, according to the company. And Palm has “over 2,000 apps” in its app catalog, CEO Jon Rubinstein said yesterday on his company’s earnings call.

Meanwhile, Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 Series will launch with only a tiny handful of apps later this year.

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