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“Just google advertising!”

I am not sure if you have heard the current radio advert for First Advertising that is on Today FM and Newstalk. If you haven’t, you can find out more here or to sum it up two people are discussing advertising with one character telling the other to just “google advertising”. At the end of the ad we hear it is for First Advertising.

According to First Advertising, the campaign is to celebrate their dominance of organic searches on Google and Bing for Irish advertising agencies.

My first reaction when I was listening to the ad for the first time was that this was an ad for Google themselves, driving awareness of Adwords through radio. Then at the end when I heard it was for First Advertising I thought it was strange. While it is clever in that the listener doesnt need to remember any web address or phone number and the call to action is very simple – what would happen when you do “google advertising”?

I did just that. When I typed advertising into my browser’s Google tab, I saw 3 adwords ads – all not for First Advertising. The organic links didn’t contain advertising.ie (First Advertising’s website URL) either. Then I remembered that my browser searches google.com so I changed it to google.ie and tried again. Adveritising.ie was third in the organic listings and didnt appear anywhere in the adwords links.

While it is an interesting approach to radio advertising it would be great to hear some results from First Advertising on the campaign. I wonder did any of the other agencies on page 1 see an increase in traffic? Also, why hasn’t any other advertising agency decided to run a PPC campaign for the word “advertising” to try and jump the listings and capture those people “googling advertising”?


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