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Experience and escapism is what newspapers offer

I live near some of my in-laws and there was a tradition of dropping in the newspapers to each other at the weekends. On Saturday mornings you would get a copy of two papers and then three papers on Sundays. During the week the office got most newspapers every day. I had no shortage of newspapers but at the start of the year I decided to go cold turkey and no more newspapers.

My plan was to see if I could stay up to date and informed using free sources online rather than through newspapers. Eight months later I have gone back to newspapers but not for the reasons I gave them up.

Two weeks ago I sat down with the Sunday newspapers for the first time this year. The following day in the office I grabbed one of the daily papers during lunch and since then I have picked a paper up most days. Newspapers don’t give me breaking news, they do give me analysis and opinions but there are a lot of blogs that offer that. What newspapers give me is escapism and a better reading experience.

On a Sunday morning, a cup of coffee and the papers lets me catch up on the week’s events, read about the football the day before and enjoy some in-depth interviews about a range of subjects. During the week, the paper at lunch time gives me a break from a hectic day and I can catch up on local, national and world events. As great as online sources of news are, they still cant give you the same experience or an uninterrupted break from routine. For now, I am back on the paper trail.

The recent JNRR research also shows that Irish people still love their newspapers. With only a 2.6% year on year drop and 86% of people reading a daily newspaper, there may still be hope for Irish newspapers.


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