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MSN.ie page takeover by Meteor Mobile

When it comes to online advertising I am a fan of page takeovers. However I tend to be disappointed by what brands do with the space considering they have a high traffic site for a day. Brands that simply put up a leaderboard and MPU and don’t apply any creativity or engagement are missing a trick and wasting budget in my humble opinion.

Today’s takeover of MSN.ie by Meteor works really well for a number of reasons.

1. The creative links in with their current multi-channel campaign

2. They don’t just take offline creative and push it into an online world, they have obviously looked at the media and thought about it

3. The creative link between the leaderboard and MPU works well. It is simple but well thought out. Not as nice as this example but still worth a compliment or two. Once the scenarios is played, the MPU is also used well and there is a nice link at the end of the piece with the MPU.

4. As the scenario plays out they introduce their range of handsets and prices in the MPU and leaderboard

5. The landing page that you go to is tidy with clear navigation and call to actions. They have also used the 3 characters again on the landing page for consistency.

My only criticism of the Meteor creative is the lack of a call to action. When the scenario is finished I am encourage to “Replay” the piece rather than click for more details of offers.

You can view the page takeover and link through to the landing page here

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