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Five for five on Search Engine Optimisation

The following are five good articles I have found in the last few days. In five minutes you can read them all and help improve your knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation.

Hope you enjoy.

1. Are you unsure if there are benefits for your brand and social media – the team at clickz.com say don’t forget the SEO benefits

SEO and Integration With Social Media

2. Nice post from eConsultancy.com about some of the issues and areas where communication can break down between clients and agencies who do their SEO

Five common moans between SEO agencies and their clients

3. Put your ego to oneside when it comes to selecting your key words. Remember it is about conversion not traffic. Good post from seomarty.com

Set Aside Your SEO Ego and Set Reasonable Keyword Goals

4. It always amazes me the volume of myths and untruths around SEO. This post echos my feelings

SEO Research: Because Nothing Makes You More Informed Than Being Misinformed

5. Planning on doing your own SEO, great little post with tells you how to start from seocopywriting.com

3 skills every SEO copywriter must have

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