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Your Mobile Social Media Monitoring Solution

If you like to stay up to date on your activity across various Social Networks but want these in one location rather than getting pings from each individual service, then this app could be for you. Equally if you are managing multiple social media accounts for clients and don’t spend a lot of time desk based or need to stay tuned in outside of office hours, then this could work for you too.

As part of my role I manage social media activity on behalf of clients and I like to stay up to date on my own activity. From a clients’ perspective response times are key. I have tried various tools to help me solve this and up until recently I have been using various techniques, including logging on every few hours. With activity spread across multiple channels (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Flickr etc.) I wanted a centralised update system. I recently read about Boxcar – an app for the iPhone/iPad/iTouch with a Mac desktop version – and gave it a whirl and so far so good.

The tool allows you to receive notifications for multiple accounts and works across Twitter, Facebook, Google buzz, Foursquare to name a few.

One of the main items I was looking for was notifications from Facebook pages. Boxcar has an option to receive alerts when you get emails and so using a work around involving filters in Gmail and email notifications from HyperAlerts I now have this. As you can add multiples of each item in Boxcar I have separate email notifications for each page I manage. 

There is also RSS integration meaning if you are monitoring other content or blogs this can be integrated.

The level of personalisation allows you choose certain items you wish to be notified on or not. For example with Twitter integration you can have it for all timeline posts, mentions, DMs, new followers etc or just for mentions and DMs. 

The app uses badges to allow you keep track of any outstanding notifications that you haven’t reviewed from the desktop of your iPhone. 

Set up is seconds and the ease at which you can add, remove and modify services means it is the ideal mobile social media monitoring tool. 

Boxcar has a built in App recommendation tool which to date has served no purpose but I presume it is there to earn revenue for the developers.

There may be other similar services out there and there may be better ones (would love to hear about them) but Boxcar definitely ticks a lot of boxes.

Various screen grabs of the app included:

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