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Are your fans on one knee for you?


For someone to go from liking you to being engaged with you involves a lot. A survey last week said that men spend €28,000 on gifts and entertainment from the time they meet a woman until they get engaged. That is a lot of money and then there is time and a huge amount of charm involved too (naturally they are worth it!).

When you meet someone who likes you, you don’t assume you will be engaged straight away and that is the same with social media. While getting someone to like or follow you is a great step, getting them to engage with you is the ultimate goal and the true metric of success.

Research from Buddy Media says that 85% of people never visit the walls of brand pages once they like them. This means that they only see you in their news feed. Now think about a person’s news feed.

According to Facebook the average user has 130 friends (which equals a lot of posts, status updates, pictures, videos comments…). Facebook also reports that people are sending 15m friend requests each day but there are 50m “likes” given each day to brand pages. Again, think through the volume of traffic that people are seeing on their news feeds – people are liking a greater multiple of brands than friends. Between updates and posts from friends and fan pages that is a lot of traffic on each person’s news feeds.

Facebook uses an algorithm to determine which posts a user sees on their wall when they log in. Posts are not automatically defaulted to show the most recent and an element of the algorithm is based on popularlity and interaction – those with the most interaction have a better chance of appearing at the top of feeds. To get your fans engaged with your page will involve content. As you plan the process of charming your followers you need to have a content plan that breaks down the walls between you and them. The content you post is what they will engage with and hopefully over time, they will start to post their own content.

This plan should not be solely linked to your product or services but needs to have a wider outlook.

You can use tools such as Competitions, Coupons and Facebook Questions to keep fans interacting with you and to reward their support. Depending on your budget you can take this on and develop a Facebook Application for your page which can help to make your page go viral.

So as you outline your content plan there are some simple questions to ask yourself:

  • Who do I want to reach (target audience)
  • What are they are interested in – can we look to explore content that is relevant to our audience but not directly linked to our product
  • Can my partners or suppliers provide content that will help to bring my product to life?
  • Do I have any imagery or video that provides fans with an insight for my brand – fans love non-text content, it is hugely engaging and can help to bring your product to life for your fans

Write down the answers to these questions and you can start to map your content plan for your social media activity.

Best of luck.

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