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Marketing & Technology – the opportunity

I just read the piece below from a paper by Saepio (www.saepio.com) on Changing Consumer Practices Require New Approaches to Marketing and it sums up nicely the big opportunity / challenge facing marketeers today.

Here it is…

If there’s one word that defines marketing today, it’s “change.” Not branding. Not interactive media. Not measurement. Simply change.

Not long ago, marketing was all about interruption. As you watched your favorite TV show, an advertiser interrupted you with a message. Print ads begged for your attention as you read the morning newspaper. You were interrupted with a barrage of ads as you listened to the radio on your commute to work. Outdoor boards interrupted your focus just long enough to lock brand imagery and put seven key words in your mind. A stack of direct mail awaited you when you arrived at your mailbox. And, a full inbox awaited you when you opened your e-mail.

For decades, these interruptive tactics alone were effective. They often had integrated brand positioning and coordinated creative messaging across the different mediums. To the degree possible, these messages included specific calls to action on the part of the interrupted consumer. And when successful, these interruptive tactics drove the consumer behavior marketers sought.

But that’s just not the case anymore. As most corporate marketers are painfully aware, the effectiveness of historically strong interruptive tactics is plummeting. It would be easy just to blame the proliferation of mediums, DVRs and a multi-tasking audience. But it’s not that simple. What marketers face today are consumers who want marketing to be on their timeline and on their terms. Consumers want to be engaged, not interrupted.

That’s a tall order. Tall because it’s not something a marketer can fix with stronger creative, more innovative positioning or a greater number of ad buys. Instead, marketers must engage in real-time dialogue with consumers in a consistent and brand-compliant manner using an ever-expanding breadth of advertising mediums. The reality is that most marketers are woefully unprepared.